Complete Unit for Corona Treatment

The Feeder Tronic has two generator lines with the option of half wave or full wave generator with powers from 1 to 24 KVA.

With robust equipment, high durability and easy operation, Feeder Tronic develops equipment according to the needs of each customer.

Applications & Features:

  • Automatic speed control (increase power according to speed)

  • Visual and audible alarm for non-treatment
  • Epoxy paint (Anti-corrosive)


The complete set has a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects.


Low Maintenance

Designed for quick and easy repair.


Return on Investment

Avoid heavy material losses at the time of printing.

Dynas - Corona Treatment Test

Fast and safe test for the measurement of the level of surface treatment, in which a liquid is applied to the material and we obtain with precision the level of treatment that goes from 36 to 56 dynes.

Indispensable in the pre-press, lamination and gluing tests, the pen has been widely used in the plastic industry.

Applicable materials:

  • PS
  • BOPP

  • Vinyl/PVC
  • Polyester
  • Aluminum

Bottle 20ml

The bottles are more indicated because they have a great seal against the action of time.


Complete kit

The complete kit contains 11 units, one bottle of each level of treatment or the customer's choice.


Pens 25ml

The pens have a great practicality, sold separately or in the kit with 5 un.

Applicator Station

Our application stations are robust, manufactured with high technology and durability, guaranteeing to our customers the efficiency and tranquility in the treatment of plastic films, aluminum, metallized and plates, with treatment available for application in extruders, coextrusoras, printers and laminadoras.

In order to guarantee quality and durability, the Feeder Tronic applicator stations are two-piece (made easy to pass the film) made of marine aluminum plate or 304 stainless steel and epoxy (anti-corrosive) paint. The application stations have the option of manual or pneumatic opening. Electrodes with millimeter regulation, stamped in aluminum or 304 stainless steel (Anti-oxidant material that avoids the "gluing" of the electrodes and does not require constant cleaning); 4 "diameter handle cylinders with Silicone or Kotepoxy coating.


  • 12 month warranty
  • Epoxy painting
  • Stainless steel electrode

  • Ozone extractor
  • Guide Cylinder
  • Pneumatic opening
  • Coating of kotepoxy or silicone

Front and back

Stations with single- or double-sided treatment. Also designed for plates and rubbers.


Feeder Plus

Treatment of low adhesion surfaces of pipes, hoses, wires and electrical cables.


Feeder Plasma

Surface treatment of three-dimensional parts and plastic profiles.

Pneumatic conveyor for granules and powders

Ideal for the automated transport of raw material in granules, the equipment is composed of three modules: funnel, compressor and control panel, the compressor can be attached to the panel, or separately.

Fully electronic control panel, with alarm for the lack of material to be transported, sensor for when the machine is full and capacities ranging from 250 to 2,000 kg / hour


We develop pneumatic transport projects according to the needs of each client, please contact us.
Economic system of installation with four funnels for a control panel.



The siroco carrier is suitable for low density granules.


Stainless Steel

Special parts for transporting food products, with automatic cleaning system.


Automatic Tire

Own system for uninterrupted work, with specific dosing system.

Spare parts

Feeder Tronic has a complete stock of parts and components for replacement and replacement, which ensures agility in cases of corrective and preventive maintenance.

In some cases the customer can carry out the maintenance of his equipment with the help of the technicians of Feeder Tronic by telephone, avoiding the production stoppage for long periods.


We develop pneumatic transport projects according to the needs of each client, please contact us.


Plates and parts

System with modular plates, easy maintenance.


Cylinders and Coatings

Cylinder lining in kotepoxy (Feeder) or silicone jacket.


Pistons, bearings and finishing

We offer all the pieces that make up our equipment, without the need of purchases in large lot.

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